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How to save costs?


We can’t wait to share good news with friends from the United States, Mexico and Europe.


Shipping costs for overseas purchases are relatively expensive. We have found some much cheaper shipping methods, but they are not as fast as DHL and Fedex. But the advantages are also obvious, not only low-price, but also tax-included (customs duty).Therefore, we decided to give free shipping to the United States, Mexico and European countries.For detailed prices, please feel free to consult our customer service.



However, because these channels have minimum weight restrictions, some lighter products, such as the recently popular K4-450, K4-600, or microphones, 1 unit cannot meet their carrying weight.



If you only need one is enough, then you can put together the order with your friends. For example, one person can buy a K4-450, and only two can be shipped.


Take the German freight as an example. Only one K4-450 is purchased, and the freight is about 80 USD without tax.




If you buy two K4-450s, then the total freight is less than 50 USD and tax is included. Calculate, each K4- 450 can save a lot of money. Is it very cost-effective?





Some customers may find that they have chosen two but there is no preferential shipping cost. Don't worry, it may be the cause of the system freeze. You can click on the shipping method and choose the cheapest one.